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Do It Yourself Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Our AC Repair Specialists Will Speak About How to Keep Your Air Conditioner in a Healthy Condition

Central AC systems can usually operate trouble-free for years and require little maintenance. One critical maintenance side which is often overlooked is replacement of the filter. If the unit operates with a dirty filter, the airflow coming through the cooling coils is restricted. The result is improper temperature and an excessive stress on the system. A monthly checkup of the filter by an AC repair specialist during the cooling season guarantees timely replacement in case there is any dirt buildup. The expense for this new filter will be quickly covered by a lower energy cost.

A central AC system’s filter is most commonly located in the attic or on a ceiling or a wall return grill in the living area of the house. Before beginning any inspection and cleaning work, turn off the unit at the thermostat. If this cannot be done, shut off the unit at the electric panel or at a service switch near the unit. You may also want to lay a protective cover around the working area. Here are a few tips to help you do the job after you are done with the preparation:

  • cleaning air conditioner filterA filter located at a return air grill can be removed by loosening the fasteners and opening the grill. If the filter is located at the air handler, remove the blower compartment cover, if necessary, and slide out the filter.
  • Immediately place the old filter in a bag so it does not pollute the indoor air of your home.
  • Clean out the blower compartment area. However, before doing so, make sure the power is off.
  • As various types of replacement filters are available, you must first check the old filter to determine the type and size required.
  • You can also consult a local AC repair contractor about where to get the new filter from.
  • When installing the new filter, note the arrow on the unit’s frame indicating the proper direction of airflow. The filter should be positioned with the arrow pointing towards the blower.
  • Reposition all cover doors before you leave so that they fit tightly.
  • Then all that is left for you to do is to turn on your AC system again.

If all this seems like a job too complicated to handle yourself, call Marc Cooling. We are a licensed AC repair contractor in Miami, FL.

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