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Air Conditioning Repair Service

How does it affect you when your commercial cooling systems or home air conditioner go out on a hot Miami, FL summer day? Besides being extremely uncomfortable, you can suffer from extended periods of heat exposure. Have you ever tried to do an AC repair to your central air conditioner only to get frustrated? That’s the moment when it’s time to contact Marc Cooling immediately at (305) 330-6985. Exceptional air conditioning repair is our main service and we make it our first  priority to see that your AC system is up and running as fast as possible and as affordable as possible, especially during the high-demand times of Miami, FL summer heat waves. Sure we get busy because we’re the best, but that’s why we keep a full crew of qualified AC repair technicians on staff so that we can supply that heavy demand when it hits. We also specialize in AC replacement services.

Our air conditioning service techs and installers are certified and registeredThere are several problems that could cause no cooling whatsoever to occur. You may not have enough refrigerant in your air conditioning unit, or more common issues could involve a condenser system, evaporator or compressor. These could be faulty or dirty, and will cause the air conditioner to not run or else it turns off and on repeatedly. There also could  be a problem with your motor, the thermostat or perhaps there’s a power issue, like a blown fuse or circuit breaker has been tripped. The compressor could also be faulty or your motor has died.

As part of our exceptional client service, Marc Cooling will be fair with you about the issues found during our inspection and steer you in the right direction, even if this means that we can repair the current problem temporarily but suggest that you purchase a new or larger, more adequate, AC system because the reality is that sometimes rooms in an entire neighborhood are builder-equipped with a unit that is too small to effectively cool the square footage of the room. We are happy to share any resources we may have to get you what you need to stay cool if that turns out to be our professional recommendation. You can also check our superior air conditioning maintenance tips.

By calling Marc Cooling for professional air conditioning repair service you will get a full service estimate to repair your system as well as clean the condenser coils, fins and evaporator. If either the lines or insulation is cracked, worn or otherwise damaged this could greatly reduce the cooling efficiency and should be replaced immediately.  We will check the coolant lines and insulation to ensure they are intact. We will check the power source and remove any obvious or not so obvious debris that may be obstructing airflow and interfering with the adequate operation of your unit.  Give Marc Cooling a call today at (305) 330-6985 and keep your cool tonight.

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