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Can You Remember the Last Time You Got Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Reasons Why You Should Call in an Air Conditioning Repair Service to Clean Your Ducts

A reputable air conditioning repair service always recommends duct cleaning when there is substantial mold growing inside your ducts or other parts of your system. There are a few important points to know concerning mold detection in any HVAC systems.

air ductsSome parts of your heating and cooling system are not visible to the naked eye, so it is always advisable to speak to your local service provider for help.

You need to know that even though something may look like mold, a positive determination of this can not be done without sending a sample away to a laboratory for analysis. For around $40, some laboratories will tell you whether a sample is mold or just something that looks like it.

Should you have insulated ducts and the insulation gets moldy, this can’t be properly cleaned and has to be taken out and replaced.

Should the reasons that caused the mold in the first place not be corrected, this will just permit the mold to grow back again.

Some research says that cleaning system components such as cooling coils, heat exchangers, and fans could improve the efficiency of the system, resulting in a longer life, and some energy and maintenance savings. But, little evidence shows this, that cleaning just the ducts will improve the system.

You could think about getting your air ducts cleaned just because it’s logical that ducts do get dirty over time and have to be cleaned on occasion. Provided the cleaning is done by a professional air conditioning repair service, no evidence says that this would be detrimental to the system.

Should you decide to get your air ducts professionally cleaned, take the same precautions you normally would in checking out the service provider’s reputation, competence and reliability before calling them in.

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