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First signs of a broken air conditioner.

How to know when you need AC repair in Miami, FL

Your air conditioning system keeps you comfortable and cool during those hot summer months – until it breaks. Then, unless you’re an expert in AC repair, you’re left to sweat it out until a professional AC repair service provider assesses the problem. But what if you could spot the problem before it gets serious? You can save time and money, plus you can enjoy the benefits of a fully working air conditioner, all year round. All you have to do is look for the signs that show you need AC repair services in Miami, FL.

Unusual noises.

Not only can that unusual noise coming from your air conditioner be extremely annoying, but it can also mean your unit is about to break. Make sure you pay attention to the type of noise your AC is making so you can describe it to your AC repair service in Miami, FL. Sometimes, the AC unit may produce weird sounds all day long, but when the technicians arrive, it works just fine. This doesn’t mean your unit does not have problems.

A strong vibration or clunking may indicate that the bearings need to be replaced or the air blowing mechanism is off-track. A buzzing sound, on the other hand, can indicate that one of the electrical components within the unit is about to fail. In general, if your air conditioning is making sounds it never made before, something is probably not right. Call for an AC repair service in Miami, FL and have your system inspected.

Leaking fluids.

It is not uncommon for air conditioners to leak, as they are constantly subjected to condensation. Moist air passes through the cold evaporation coil and produces moisture, which may drip from your AC unit. However, if the leaking is visible, you may have a mechanical problem which will require the attention of an AC repair technician. Keep in mind that the refrigerant inside your AC system is under pressure, so don’t try to fix the problem yourself as you may accidentally open a valve and loose all the pressure inside your unit. If this happens, new refrigerant must be injected, so the price for your AC repair service will be higher.

If your unit is leaking oil, it means you have a serious problem with the mechanical part. Most of the time it is a rust problem that is lessening efficiency, but it can also be a problem with the motor. Whatever the case, hire professionals to check your system. Oil leaks usually signal major problems.

Poor performance.

The issues mentioned above usually go hand in hand with a drop in AC performance. However, there are situations when you may notice performance issues before a leak or noise develops. The best way to detect a performance issue is to monitor your energy bills. If you notice an inexplicable spike, it may come from your AC system. It is time to call for an AC repair service. [cb] is located in Miami, FL and they are highly recommended for fixing such issues. Call (305) 330-6985 and have them inspect your system as soon as possible.

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