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When Is the Right Time for an AC Replacement? – Part 1

Our Local AC Installer Shares the Main Signs to Indicate Your Air Conditioning System May Need to be Replaced

The topic of our post today will be replacement of air conditioning systems, more precisely determining when is the right time to do it.

  1. ac-unit-replacement-300x200 It has been almost 15 years since you have installed your domestic AC system. The life expectancy of an air conditioner is about 15-20 years, depending on what year it was purchased. Generally speaking, models produced after 2010 can operate safely for a longer period of time.
  2. Your local AC installer tells you that your repair costs will exceed the costs of installing a new unit. If the repair history of a unit has numerous failures, this is not likely to improve after the warranty coverage had expired. If you have to pay in full expensive air conditioning repairs, we strongly advise you to consider installing a new unit with a warranty.

If you are interested to learn more on the topic, you can read our next post, in which our local AC installer will list a few more reasons for you to replace your cooling system. If you have already made the decision to do it and you are looking for a reliable specialists in Miami, FL, you can always count on the services of ]cn]. Call us now at (305) 330-6985 for pricing information!

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