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Tips for a dust-free home

Dust is one of the biggest problems homeowners in Miami, FL have to deal with. When we say dust, we mean everything that is airborne and comes into our homes in the form of dirt particles, mold spores, pollen, hydrocarbon particles and smoke ash. All these are irritants to our throat, nose and eyes, not to mention some of them can cause serious health problems. Keeping your home in Miami, FL free of dust is the best way to improve your health and overall wellness.

How to do that? Here are some useful tips:

Person adjusting thermostat1. A good way to keep the dust out of your home is by installing an air purifier. These filters are specially designed to capture all dust in the air that your normal AC system won’t. You can also opt for a whole-house filter system. This includes large units placed in living rooms or hallways, which will capture dust from the entire home, and small units placed in each room, which will filters dust out of the air in individual rooms.

2. Vacuum cleaners are very useful when it comes to cleaning your home, but you should know that even a broom works better than a cheap vacuum cleaner. Cheap or poorly designed vacuum cleaners do more harm than good. The reason for that is because they don’t filter the air that comes out from the engine, which is highly polluted air. What actually happens is your vacuum cleaner sucks the dust from the floor and spreads it in the air. Your floor may seem clean but once the dust settles, you realize that the whole cleaning process was in vain.

Consider investing in a new, high-performance vacuum cleaner. The newest models are equipped with HEPA filters. These filters are specially designed to filter the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner.

3. A big part of the dust inside your home comes from your clothes. Clothes fibers spread easily in the air and then they settle down on surfaces. In order to avoid this, fold up clothing and place it in plastic bags.

4. Using damp rags instead of a feather duster when cleaning surfaces is another way to keep dust out of your home. The dampness of the rag captures and holds dust better than feather dusters.

5. Install wooden flooring instead of carpets. Although this is a drastic and costly measure, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Carpets are well known for holding dust in their fibers, and if not cleaned regularly they can become the main cause of allergies and health problems.

6. Still, the best way to keep dust out of your home is by changing or upgrading your AC filters. Hire a reliable air conditioning repair service in Miami, FL and have them inspect your filters. If they are dirty, replace them immediately. Keep in mind that new types of filters are being designed every day. The latest in AC filters is the new electrostatic filtering system. Ask your ac repair service provider in Miami, FL if they can install one of those for you. Not only will it increase the air quality in your home but will also improve your AC’s efficiency.

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