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Want to Know What Parts Break down in an AC?

What Are the Different Kinds of Equipment an Air Conditioning Repair Service Repairs?

There are numerous different kinds of HVAC equipment available for residential and commercial systems. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment comes in various styles and methods; however, all are designed to moderate the internal temperature of a room. The kind of equipment used will vary depending upon the requirements of the owner and the choices within a space.

Radiator systems are one of the oldest of all the kinds of HVAC equipment. Usually seen in older properties and commercial buildings, the system consists of pipes that are built into the building and carry hot and cold water. The temperature of the water can either cool or heat a space. This kind of equipment relies on a closed system. Any leaks or cracks found within the system will mean the water will escape.

Air-based equipment makes use of a fan, to move the hot or cold air via a series of ducts which blow air into different rooms. The air is heated by going over a coil on a furnace or a cooler found in an air conditioner unit. The air is then pushed to circulate through rooms, by a fan, thus changing the room’s air temperature.

A heat pump is also a common kind of equipment and is normally seen in residential properties. This pump comes with an exterior compressor and an interior handler. Electricity moves the heat from one room to another. It is circulated through using fans. This pump can also cool a space down, by removing the heat and pumping it into the atmosphere.

Air conditioners and gas furnaces are two different kinds of HVAC equipment, found in climates that have fluctuating temperatures. The gas furnace runs on natural or propane gas as the main fuel. Both of these will require a professional air conditioning repair service if something goes wrong.

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