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Want to Try Cleaning Your Vents Yourself?

Tips for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dry air vent cleaning will greatly improve your interior air quality, which at times can be worse than exterior pollution. Dust, allergens, dirt, and the like, build up inside air vents can create possible health hazards, so it is vital to maintain regular cleaning regimes, either by yourself or by a professional. A good way to begin air vent cleaning is by removing all the filters and replace them once the cleaning process is finished. These filters must be replaced often, usually around every three months.

The most thorough cleaning is performed by a professional dryer vent cleaning professionals, as they have the right tools and equipment to get deep within the venting system. Cleaning inside and around the vents only removes dirt and allergens that are immediately within the system, which by itself is good but not sufficient. Vacuuming by using a conventional vacuum is better, yet this only removes any dirt and allergens close to the opening of the system. Professional cleaners are able to get deep within air system, thus eliminating dirt and allergens that are lurking within ductwork. It is expensive to hire these services; however, it is worth the cost, especially if the vents are irritating a person’s allergies. This kind of cleaning must be performed at least once a year.

Homeowners can clean their own vents once every month in order to keep their system as clean as they can at the openings, where dirt and allergens will enter a system. It is crucial to remember to clean the grate also, as it will catch dirt and allergens. Using a damp cloth and disinfectant, clean the vent grate, then replace the filter and close the grate. If you have a vacuum that has an extra long hose attachment, try to get further in to remove any dirt or debris which may be hiding inside.


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