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Why The Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Air conditioners need regularly maintenance to keep their proper performance. With the right air conditioning maintenance your heating and air conditioning system will work more economically and be more reliable for many years. We offer top notch air conditioning maintenanceWith a a couple of easy procedures you can maintain your system at top performance and get the maximum amount of comfort from it. The air conditioning systems consume a large portion of the average monthly electricity bills and right and efficient maintenance could make a significant difference. Your AC system loses 5% of its efficiency every year it goes without proper maintenance. A system operating at it’s peak efficiency can cut up to 25% of your monthly energy costs. The regular air conditioning maintenance effectively doubles the life span of the average residential cooling and heating system. Many of the health risks that are associated with poor air quality can be eliminated  or greatly reduced with proper system installation and maintenance.

  1. Keep Your Filters Cleaned – One of the most overlooked and easiest ways to save money and keep your system running smoothly is to keep your filter clean.  Check the return air filter in your air conditioning system every 2 to 4 weeks. Dirty filters can cause you to use extra electricity, cause your unit to break down and need costly repairs and shorten the life of your unit.  Without a clean filter your unit cannot operate properly and its life span is greatly shortened. Only replace your filter when it is dirty, remember there is no magic amount of time between replacements. Just visually inspect the filter and if it has a dirt on the entire surface then its time to replace it. If you use a reusable type of filter clean it with water and soap ,  and remember to wash the clean side of the filter so you don’t just wash the dirt deeper into the filters core. Remember if your washing a reusable filter,  it should be dried completely before reinstalling it.
  2. Keep Your Condenser Clean – Clean and clear any debris from your outdoor condensing system. Keep any leaves, cut grass, plants or bushes, and other debris away from your outdoor air condensing system to prevent obstructing the outdoor coil and causing expensive repairs. Most AC units have a side panel that can be removed making this relatively easy. Be very careful as the inside of a unit can contain metal that can be very sharp. Check the base pan inside your air conditioning system a couple of times a year and remove any leaves or dirt so that the unit can drain correctly.
  3. Level the Outdoor Unit – Check your outdoor unit to see if it is in a level position. If your outdoor unit’s body shifts and the unit is not level then the compressor and fan motors may wear out more quickly leading to expensive repairs or replacement. The AC systems also should be level to help water drain out of the unit. If your unit is unstable or at a severe slope call a professional to have the problem corrected. If your unit has sagged on one side you can sometimes place a wooden or metal shim under one side to even it up at least until a professional can take a look at it. Don’t try to level the unit yourself as the copper lines can be damaged in the process if proper caution is not taken.
  4. Get Professional Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance – Routinely have a professional contractor perform pre-summer maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently for many years. To save money you may consider purchasing a maintenance agreement for your air conditioning and heating system. Many schedules include pre-season maintenance twice a year. A schedule will help the contractor find problems before they lead to a breakdown and will help save you money by keeping your monthly electric bills lower.

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